The obsession with working from home online has really hit a new high. I can see what all the fuse is about, but with all my research I fail to find any real opportunities out there. While using google to research the topic, all I could find was an abundance of sites that other people had made with information about working from home or scams.I didn’t really want this information nor the scams. I am determined to find something real to research, then put into action. It seams there are no real work from home online opportunities out there. I mean you have your AVON's and nutriments and marykay and the rest. But for all the effort and footwork you put it, you get nothing back.

This brings me to why people have taken to trying to make money of scamming us, or getting us to there websites to view there so called information, all while they are getting there website hits. (Because nothing else had worked this far.) Now website hits and google ADsense, do work. But that's not something that happens over night. You need high traffic and lots of hits, and the hope that people will click on your advertisements, chances become less. You will also need to rate high in the search engine, or pay google to advertise in hope of dragging in the hits. But how does putting out money for hits really get you any where? Is google now trying to scam us? I would not put it past anything that hits you on the internet. I am still researching the topic with great frustration.

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