I am among the many people out there these days that have mobile broadband connection through a USB modem, which seam to pose a big problem when trying to connect to the PS3. SONY informs me, as it has most people that the PS3 is not compatible with the USB modems. Which then brings me to my next big problem getting the PS3 online.

It doesn't seam like much of a problem as you are able to update the PS3 via PC download then onto the PS3 through USB. This however isn't not the case for one of there accessories PlayTV. I figured that i could connect the macbook to the PS3 via Airport Extreme (macbooks built in router) and share my USB modems internet connection. So i decided to contact SONY; they told me this was not possible as Apple's products are not compatible with the PS3. I really couldn't believe this was so; as other devices and computers where able to connect to my macbook and share my USB modems internet connection. 

So I searched and searched and searched many blogs and pages. I'm no techie; but after heaps of trying and lots of failed attempts i decided to put together all the information i had collect over the past months and then finally success!!! I almost couldn't believe it at first; as SONY said it wasn't possible. I had faith in my mac though; and it worked.

I am very disappointed that all the techies in SONY couldn't have worked this out and posted it on the forums.

If anybody is having this same problem, let me know and i will write up the instructions for connection.