My blog is dedicated to finding good quality free samples for australians. With more and more people struggling to put food on there table and pay the bills each week, I understand the importance of the word “FREE”. Everyone wants to get something for “FREE” and in most cases these days, it tends to be scam or you are required to give them money for postage or your bank details. For most people this is when the alarm bell starts to ring.

There are a few good tips that I can give if you are ready to enter the world of finding free samples on your own, but still be careful. Most free samples require you to provide your postal address for shipping of the items, but this is where you have to watch who you start to give your details out too. My number one rule is make sure its a company a big company. One that you would find of the shelfs of your local supermarket. If you stick with these types of company, then you know that you are going to receive a good quality free sample, and it will be something that you will actually use.

My second rule is try to avoid giving out your phone number if possible. When I first become addicted to free samples, I would just enter my phone number any where it asked for it. This is a big trap some free sample sights promise you a full lipstick, only to find your are redirected to a mobile scam site that hits you up for $10 a week the minute you enter your number and press send. So make sure you read the fine print and avoid giving your number out. If you do have to enter it, be aware that you may get called for time to time by these companies asking you to take part in a survey, just tell them you don't have the time, they are as pushy as telemarketers and get the hint. Happy Free Shopping!!!!