There are two Flipside Burger Bars located in Perth. Both a considerable drive from my house, it has taken me a long time to find a burger bar that consistently serves up an awesome burger and i mean awesome. Its well worth the drive. The atmosphere when you walk in hits you, as well as the smell. The staff are busy cooking burgers, you can see them from the big wooden table set out in the middle of the dinning area. Placing an order is always hard, as there are so many delicious choices. I am normally a meat eater, but i just cant go past "The Kenny Burger" with the amazing chickpea and sweet potato patty, with fresh salad including coriander. Need i say more.

My dinning partner had the QVB, now that's one big burger with the lot. They where more than satisfied with there choice, there was only the stuff all over there face left. You also cant pass up on there thick cut chips, with sweet chili mayo they defiantly hit the spot. They also sell boutigue soft drinks so wash down your enjoyable meal. I place i will continue to visit time and time again.

Check out there website and see for yourself;